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The SuperApp is coming
Get ready for a new era—we're making decentralized finance easy for everyone
What is it
Revolutionizing DeFi
The Super App is your all-in-one solution for seamless financial management, combining the best of traditional finance with the power of Web3 technology.
Multi-currency IBAN's
Expand your financial horizons with multi-currency IBAN’s. Send, receive, and hold different currencies effortlessly, enabling seamless global transactions without the hassle.
All-in-one financial hub
Manage both fiat and cryptocurrencies effortlessly within a single app. No more juggling between multiple platforms or accounts – everything you need is at your fingertips.
Virtual and physical cards
Issue multiple virtual and physical cards, allowing you to purchase online or in-store easily. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the card that suits your needs wherever you are.
Non-custodial multi-coin wallet
Take control of your crypto assets with our non-custodial multi-coin wallet—your assets, your keys, your ultimate security. Your digital wealth is in your hands.
Instant transfers
Say goodbye to waiting times with our lightning-fast instant transfers. Seamlessly move between crypto and fiat currencies, enabling you to take immediate action when opportunity knocks.
Crypto top-ups
Tap into the power of your crypto holdings by easily topping up your accounts with crypto. Effortlessly convert your digital assets into spendable funds for your everyday financial needs.
Referral program
Spread the word and reap the rewards with our referral program. Share the Super App with your friends, and together, we'll build a thriving community while unlocking enticing incentives for you.
Premium membership
Elevate your financial experience with our premium membership—access exclusive benefits and services, such as insurance coverage and airport lounge access. Indulge in the perks you deserve.
Staking and farming
Participate in the ecosystem's growth through our exciting staking and farming opportunities. Earn rewards while contributing to the success of ZoidPay and the wider Web3 community.
Future features
We’re pushing the boundaries to meet your evolving needs.

Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming features. You’ll soon have access to traditional financial services like savings accounts and insurance, as well as cutting-edge Web3 financial services such as crypto-backed loans.

Earn rewards, fuel growth.

Staking is your opportunity to earn while participating in the growth of the ZoidPay ecosystem. Lock up your ZPAY tokens and contribute to the network’s security while earning rewards in return.

Staking opportunities
Explore rewarding paths with our shopping pools and staking farms and begin your staking journey today.
Shopping pools
Participate in one of our dynamic shopping pools and earn rewards as you shop. With 100,000 ZPAY, you can start staking and fuel the pool’s growth.
Staking farms
Venture into our innovative staking farms, where your tokens work tirelessly to cultivate and nurture the ecosystem. Discover the benefits of long-term commitment and steady rewards.
Empowering growth, adoption & value.

Unleash the power of the ZPAY token. Fuel growth, adoption, and innovation with our token by accessing staking, DeFi services like loans, buy-now-pay-later options, cash-back rewards, and more.

Driving limitless value.
182,000,000 $ZPAY
Reserve for Dev & Rewards
392,000,000 $ZPAY
Circulating Supply
90,500,000 $ZPAY
Staking Rewards
23,331,738 $ZPAY
Bonus Pool
687,881,738 $ZPAY
Total Supply
Why us
Embrace the future of finance with ZPAY.
The Super App is your all-in-one solution for seamless financial management, combining the best of traditional finance with the power of Web3 technology.
Who is ZoidPay?

ZoidPay is a blockchain company founded in 2018. Our mission is to make crypto easy for everyone.
Currently, we are a one-stop solution for managing your finances, whether crypto or traditional money.

What is the ZoidPay Super App?

The Super App is a revolutionary all-in-one solution that merges neo-banking features, a non-custodial crypto wallet, instant currency top-ups, and swaps for easy access to traditional and digital currencies.

Which blockchains are compatible with ZoidPay?

At the moment, BTC, ETH, EGLD, and BNB.

All the cryptocurrencies built on the listed blockchains will be available in the future.

What is the ZoidCore platform?

ZoidCore, part of the Zoid Universe, is an innovative platform that provides a comprehensive suite of Web3 APIs and SDKs designed to be accessible to everyone who wants to build a Web3 product.

The collection of APIs and SDKs allows developers to integrate advanced blockchain and decentralized technologies into their products without building everything from scratch.

Why do you have a token?

The ZPAY token offers numerous advantages within our ecosystem. Holders will be able to make payments across 100M+ global retailers, access exclusive benefits, earn passive income through staking and farming, utilize DeFi services like loans and BNPL, and enjoy preferred pricing on our APIs and SDKs in the ZoidCore platform. It enhances the overall user experience and unlocks a range of exciting opportunities.

Why should I use ZoidPay?

ZoidPay will provide a simplified crypto payments journey, seamless access to crypto and traditional currencies, a user-friendly experience, low fees, instant liquidity of up to 1 billion USD per day, integration with multiple banks, consolidated and individual transaction views, and benefits from third-party providers. Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or looking for an easy way to incorporate digital currencies into your daily life, ZoidPay offers the tools and support to make it happen.

Where can I buy ZPAY from?

ZPAY is listed on KuCoin, xExchange, MEXC Global, and BitMart.

Who is it for?

ZoidPay welcomes diverse users, including experienced crypto participants, tech-savvy professionals, developers, and emerging audience trends such as celebrities, influencers, artists, mainstream brands, gamers, and Gen-Z. It provides a platform for both seasoned individuals and those exploring the world of digital assets and blockchain technology, offering a seamless and empowering experience for all.

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